Sustainable ayahuasca: Harvest, plant, brew, drink, enjoy

Join the Natural Medicine Gathering: harvest, plant, cook and drink sustainable ayahuasca with yackahs (Kichwa shamans) in the original home of ayahuasca!

sustainable ayahuasca

The First Annual Natural Medicine Gathering / Hambi Minga Mundial, which will take place in Tena, Napo, Ecuador, April 11-15, is a networking event for yachaks, drinkers and dreamers, community projects (ecotourism, botanical parks, reforestation, medicine making, permaculture) and various environmental action groups. See the programme here:

As part of the gathering there will be some sustainable ayahuasca ceremonies and we just talked to a good friend in the market. Her grandfather was a yachak (Kichwa shaman) and her mother is still looking after the mother ayahuasca plant that her father used for generations in the family’s chakra/finca (forest garden).

It has not been used for around a decade, thus grown big fat and ripe for ceremonial purposes. It is beaming with power from deep in the forest (the community is where there are no longer any roads, in the heart of the home of ayahuasca (see links below)), ready to go, wanting to come out.

This plant we can go and harvest sustainable ayahuasca together in a group with the family and members of their community. That means we will also plant seedlings from it. [Possibly we can visit another very big, wild plant in the area, as a pilgrimage, but its precise location must remain a secret!]

What we harvest we can take back to town and cook; then drink it at the gathering (obviously we test it before hand to be able to dose it well and understand its particular energies).

This is a great chance to meet the ayahuasca plant in its original home, living in the forest, and ask for permission to take it home. And, of course, also bring offerings.  It is also an opportunity to visit a community undergoing profound changes, since the road is now arriving. Visiting will help validate and revalorise their tradition, their medicine and revive their hope for a future which will inevitably be in the civilised world. Not an easy transition. They need as much help as possible.

AND: It is a chance to contribute to the emergence of sustainable ayahuasca.

This will happen in the beginning of April – Get in touch if you are interested:

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