Translators, facilitators, self-organisers

CYRAE are asking for help organising the gathering, including making this website, doing other kinds of outreach, running integration clinics for foreign speakers, and facilitating and translating during the ceremonies.

We are looking for about 6 volunteers: join the self-organising minga!

Volunteer profile: Fluent in Spanish and English (you will need to translate between these two languages during the gathering), able to work autonomously and according to instructions. You like to paint with a brush and you are familiar with tropical forests or know that you’re up for such a challenge and can endure it. Plant and planet healing practices interest you and you are available for a couple of weeks before the gathering to help prepare it.

Write to

If you need it, we will provide a basic place to sleep, and there will certainly be opportunities for drinking ayahuasca if you want, and you can of course join the gathering for free – but there will be some hard work and long hours involved as well.

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