Cost and payment

NB: The local currency in Ecuador is $USD. Yes, Ecuador has been “dollarized”. You cannot really use a credit card in Tena, except for getting cash out of machine. It’s different in Quito! There are (at least?!) three cash points in Tena and the maximum amount you can withdraw per transaction is $300USD. For further details refer to your bank/card issuer – and be smart: Let them know you will be in Ecuador using the card for the period you will be here, since that will pre-empt them blocking the card, thinking there is foul play when you start using it here. Yes, speaking from experience 🙂

The price of the 2017 gathering is $250, incl. breakfast buffet & real food lunch + transport to the four ceremonies.

Ingreso para residentes regionales GRATIS/donaciónes!!
Comida típica sana (desayuno sencillo, almuerzo de maito, refrigerio de guayusa) $10 por día
¡¡Es necesario registrarse – escríbe al!!

Each evening ceremony cost 30USD and more if you can afford it. Some of this money will also support the community of the ceremony places.

CYRAE members commonly charge 50USD for a ceremonia, including ayahuasca, a limpia and potentially other techniques and plants. You are welcome to pay 50USD if you can. Further limpias, curations or other treatments before, during and after these ceremonies remain a relationship betwen you and the one who provides that service. Presenters participates for free, but pay for ceremonies to seal their contract and materially manifest an energetic exchange with the place and the people, as is Kichwa tradition.

We hope to soon publish details about a pre-event, which is imagined as a gathering of no more than 10-15 people, who meet two weeks before and self-organise a retreat experimenting with plants and techniques in the company of those who know about the plants in the Napo region, including midwives..

Based on attendance of 80-100 participants, a rough calculation suggests that CYRAE, if all goes well, make a couple of thousand dollars in profit, much of which will be based on voluntary work in the communities and availability and hence price of fresh food from forest gardens might fluctuate. Rest assured, however, we will share two good, nutritious meals every day, including a vegetarian option, and complement with guayusa ad libitum. Prepare for lucid dreaming! 🙂

Should there only be 20-25 participants, the model we have scales well: instead of a ceremony in every place, every night, we journey from one to the next. That calculation will however not generate any financial profits, but as a networking event it might be stronger. In other words, we will adapt the gathering to its size.

Write to to register (give us your name, tell us whether you want vegetarian/vegan food, and let us know if you need help with finding a place to stay and any other concerns that you might have – we’re here to help!) and then we will send you a Paypal link or bank details for a transfer. We also encourage people with self-organisation skills and desires to come as early as possible to be involved in the minga (Kichwa commons) that is the organisation of the gathering.

We have a limited number of concessions ($100USD) for unwaged or otherwise economically disadvantaged people. Write to and explain why you think you are entitled to a reduction in price and we will get back to you.

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