Call for interventions

Call for interventions:

We are looking for Spanish-and-English-speaking volunteers, who can help translate during the gathering, including the ceremonies at night.

The Natural Medicine Gathering (April 11-15, 2017, Easter, Tena, Ecuador) invites you to present your work and visions to a global audience in a local setting. We are looking for stimulating and provoking perspectives – from real food activists, nature lovers, magicians, alchemists, herbalists, healers of all traditions and cultures, psychonauts and other researchers – related to the common theme of collective planetary and personal healing.

Also welcome: Reflections on topics such as indigenous struggles, traditional knowledge, plant intelligence, climate change, environmental destruction and how to deal with them mentally/socially/collectively; critical perspectives on civilisation, money, writing and literacy, the medical establishment, eco-tourism, conservation, “green” economy and “sustainable” development; as well as positive visions for organised degrowth and other experiments.

CYRAE – which is very active in policy struggles to defend traditional knowledge and practices, including legal recognition and compensation for their work in a growing collaboration with hospitals – also calls upon all other natural health centres, networks and campaigns to join the gathering. No doors are closed. Nature calls, the plants are singing.

We imagine presentations of 45 minutes, followed by 30 minutes of circulation: instead of the audience staying put and raising hands to ask questions, everyone gets up and mingles as the presenter and everyone’s blood circulates to freely share impressions, visions and, of course, ask each other questions and look for answers.

That will allow for four presentations each day, we are therefore looking for 16 presenters. Not academic presentations, not paper readings, but mind expanding, joyous and cheerful interventions that will provide real food for thought. We welcome imagery and sounds.

However, we will also accept shorter interventions – and simply change the format of the gathering accordingly – and you are also more than welcome to submit films and music related to these topics.

Write to and tell us what you’ve got in mind.

We are also looking for volunteers! Get in touch…

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