Staying longer – needing help with Visa?

Naturally we encourage long stays, now that you have likely travelled to a faraway place. Get to know the local ways. But many will need a Visa extension if they want to stay more than three months…

Although anyone can sort out their own Visa extensions — many if not most nationalities automatically receive a 3 month tourist Visa upon entry, which can no longer be extended by leaving the country, for example going to Peru or Colombia for a few days, and coming back; you are only allowed 180 days per year, counting from the day you first entered, without a proper extension — it can be useful to get help.

A 6 months tourist Visa at the time of writing cost $400 plus a $50 application fee, and can be applied for once you are in the country. Rather than staying in Quito (or other places where it can be done) and going back and forth to bureaucratic counters, gathering the right kind of documentation, getting them translated and notarised, you can get it done for you. Many companies offer their services online. Prices vary. We recommend the services of Quito-based Joseph Guznay ( who takes you smoothly through the process for immigrant and non-immigrant Visas. He speaks fluent English and knows the ins and outs of the process. Write him an email in advance and he will tell you what documents to bring (bank statements, children’s original, apostilled birth certificates, etc.), how much he charges, and will sort the rest out for you. Safely leave your passport with him, pay in advance or pay the fees, as they are due, into his bank account. He will give you his phone number and will also be available via Whatsapp. Once everything is done and dusted, the passport(s) will arrive to you where you are with Servientraga courier service, sent safely with a tracking number – or you can pick it up in their local office. Alternatively, go to Quito and collect it yourself on the day it is ready. Meanwhile you travel with colour copies of your passport, including photo page and entry stamp page. If asked by any authority or hotel/hostel, you just say that your passport is with the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y Movilidad Humana and show them the copies. No worries and you can get on with your travels. All that said, inform yourself before heading to Ecuador, so you have an idea about what to expect. It’s jour journey!

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