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1st Natural Medicine Gathering

1° Encuentro Mundial de la Medicina Natural

April 11-15, 2017 (Easter)

Tena, Napo, Ecuador

Presentations, workshops, performances, real food and ceremonies in sacred places.

Early birds only: $200 USD, incl. simple breakfast & real food lunch∗

(¡limited to 100 people!)

~ ~ yachak minga ~ ~

yachak: “one who knows”

minga: “commons; coming together; entails a collaborative work system that dates back to the Incas. It refers to the commitment, contract or work agreement between two or more people; stands also for meeting or reunion. Getting the job done together”

¿ Qué significa La Minga ?

Experience ayahuasca in Ecuador: An all-star event, not a five star event, organised by CYRAE (Consejo de Yachak Runas Amazonicos del Ecuador / an association of more than 80 traditional Ecuadorian healers) to support and profile their work and to bring shamans, real food activists, nature lovers, magicians, alchemists, psychonauts and other researchers together in a shared space of collective visions for a future of the planet. The event will be embedded in local (Napo Runa) Kichwa culture, who will benefit from your participation, and any profits will support CYRAE and help organise next year’s event.

Most food will be locally sourced from indigenous people’s forest gardens – no pesticides nor other nasty chemicals – some wild foods will be gathered in the forest, natural salt from the Andes will be used sparingly and a bit of coconut oil from the coast will be imported across the mountains. Simple breakfast means boiled eggs, yuca, chicha and guayusa with seasonal surprises. Lunch will be wrapped in Bijao (Calathea lutea) leaves and cooked over charcoal in the traditional Kichwa style (maito). All gluten free, no dairy, no added sugar. There will be a vegetarian/vegan option. Lots of guayusa. Join the gathering, in the home of ayahuasca, and help spread the word.

Tuesday, April 11: Arrivals during the day and in the evening, at 19.00 there will be a social event in the Cabañas Amazonas where you can meet the shamans, the helpers and everyone else.

Wed/Thu/Fri/Saturday April 12-15: Full day program, shared lunch (included in the price), ceremonies at night in four places, try a new place with a new group of shamans every night. Each morning after ceremonies there will also be an “Integration Clinic”, in parallel with the general program, if you are left with unanswered questions.

Sunday, April 16: Integration sessions for those who need and want. Departures for everyone else.

There will be ceremonies every night in four different places – in each of which a group of yachaks will be offering plant-based medicines, energetic healing and more.

The day programme will be updated step-by-step…. For more information and discussions about ayahuasca go to the very useful forums hosted by ayahuasca.com.

In the weeks before the event and in the weeks after there will be a variety of activities with individual shamans, more info to follow. For pre- and post- events we also welcome suggestions, encourage self-organisation and invite healers and shamans from elsewhere to lead their own groups. We can help with the logistical aspects of that.

To help organise the event we need volunteers to join us (at least) two weeks before the event.

We have a limited number of concessions ($100USD) for unwaged or otherwise economically disadvantaged people. Write to naturalmedicinegathering@gmail.com and explain why you think you are entitled to a reduction in price and we will get back to you.

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